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#8 Pet


Pets hatch from eggs. All you have to do is open the egg like a chest.

During hatching you have to give your pet a name.

The pet menu can be opened by pressing the "p" key.

At hatching the pet has a lifetime. The lifetime can be different from pet to pet.

The lifetime of pets can be extended with protein bites.

If the lifetime of the pet is 0, you can also revive it with protein bites.

The pet can be evolved 3 times. Level 24 100%, level 49 100% and level 74 100%.

The maximum level a pet can reach is 100.

The pet receives experience regardless of character. This means that you do not get less experience when the pet is called.

To evolve a pet, the pet needs item experience in addition to the normal experience on levels 24, 49 and 74.

Item experience can be increased by giving the pet items as food up to level 75. The fed items will be destroyed.

If the pet has 100% normal experience and 100% item experience, you can evolve the pet if you have the necessary items for evolution.

When hatching, the pet receives a factor and bonuses. The value of the factor and the bonuses are random. They can be different from pet to pet.

Apart from the values, the bonuses of the pets are the same for all of them: Max HP %, Strong against monsters, Defence %.

Every 5 levels, the bonuses of the pets increase by the value of the factor.

or example, if the Pet has Max. HP "1.1%" and a factor of "0.15", it has "1.3%" on level 6, "1.4%" on level 11, "1.6%" on level 16 and so on.

At hatching the pet has 3 primary skills randomly. The possible primary skills and their possible highest skill level can differ from pet to pet.

The 2 secondary skills can be unlocked by "awakening" the pet. The possible secondary skills and their possible highest level may differ from pet to pet.

There are pets that are not awakenable and therefore have no secondary skills.

These skills can be improved with pet skill books.

#7 Skilltree


The skill tree consists of a huge tree with groups and subgroups.

You have to clear the way from the starting point so that you can unlock the desired groups/subgroups.

Each group has branches that give bonuses.

The branches can have stages.

It is possible to unlock the complete skill tree.

#6 Sash


- There are 24 shoulder sashes.

- There are 4 different models of shoulder sashes: lord, master, sovereign, royal.

- Each model has 6 versions, corresponding to the elements fire, ice, wind, earth, lightning, darkness.

- Shoulder sashes have 4 different levels: basic, fine, noble, custom made.

- From the custom made level on, you can improve the shoulder sashes up to +15.

- The shouldersashes can be made by the NPC's Lord Theowahdan, Master Theowahdan, Sovereign Theowahdan, Royal Theowahdan.

- The required crystals can be obtained from the element bosses.

- Crystals can be improved by the alchemist.

- The shoulder sash is part of the equipment and can be improved at the blacksmith or with scrolls, like the blessing scroll.


Fire Crystal (matt)

Water crystal (matt)

Earth crystal (matt)

Wind crystal (matt)

Lightning crystal (matt)

Dark crystal (matt)

Fire crystal (clear)

Water crystal (clear)

Earth crystal (clear)

Wind crystal (clear)

Lightning crystal (clear)

Dark Crystal (clear)

Fire crystal (flawless)

Water crystal (flawless)

Earth crystal (flawless)

Wind crystal (flawless)

Lightning crystal (flawless)

Dark crystal (flawless)

#5 Sohan, Forest & Exile


As already announced, we will show you the remaining important areas today. Mount Sohan, Enchanted Forest and Grotto of Exile.

So 9 areas have been introduced. As mentioned in a previous blog, the elements play an important role in these areas. While Pyungmoo and Bakra are neutral areas, Seungryong Valley is Wind, Yongbi Desert Earth, Mount Sohan Ice, Doyyumhwan Fire, Hwang Temple Lightning, and Enchanted Forest Darkness.On each of these areas there are strong elemental bosses that drop essential items. We'll show you what these items are important for next week. That's because we'll be talking about the shoulder sash system. More specifically, the elemental bands!

See ya!

#4 Doyyumhwan & Hwang Temple


This week we present you 2 areas at once. Doyyumhwan and Hwang Temple.

We're getting closer and closer to our goal! Next week, we'll show you the rest of the redesigned areas, and we'll start sharing important information about Mirovia on May 1st.

See you!

#3 Seungryong & Yongbi


Today we show you the 2 areas of Seungryong Valley and Yongbi Desert. Yongbi Desert is one of the few areas that have been completely redesigned. It was important to us that you feel like you are in a real desert.

So we're actually giving you some essential information about the concept. Many maps have been slightly reworked and extended for the element bosses. To give you an idea of what it's like, we also share a picture of the minimap of the Bakra area.

See you!

#2 Bakra


We couldn't wait any longer and now you can have a look at the Bakra area a little earlier. Next week on Friday there will be two areas. Seungryong Valley and Yongbi Desert!

Since you're surely wondering why we only show Pyungmoo and Bakra area: There is only one empire, and it has 3 factions. Which one will you choose? Faction Donghae, Junghook or Siwon?

#1 Pyungmoo


It was a long way from here. The most important step was to take the first one. Now we are almost there. We want to walk with you the rest of the way and share the view on the highway.

We want to start with the environment, because a player has to feel comfortable in front of the computer as well as in the game. The first map we share with you is the Pyungmoo region, where all players will be at the beginning.

See you next week with the Bakra region!